Frank Buckland's
Amazing Disc Dogs


"Water in the Boat" • Copyright © Frank Buckland

Frank Buckland

I began to learn the sport of disc doggin’ during the 80’s. I had a white pit bull dog named Tank. After a short three years of disc catching at local events and parks, Tanks’ life abruptly ended in a freak accident in which he choked to death. I was crushed with pain at my loss of such a loving dog. It took more than 15 years before I would venture back into the sport.

My son in New Mexico as a gift, gave me this little tri colored cattle dog whom I named Jimmy. I joined a local disc dog club and was back in the sport learning and improving to such a degree that Jimmy and I won the Northeastern Regional put on by Skyhoundz Alpo in 2000. We went on to place 8th out of 12 World Finalists competing in Central Park New York. Jimmy and I were doing great when misfortune struck a second time. Jimmy was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease. In only a short time Jimmy was unable to compete. Not knowing of this disease Jimmy had been bred with Panda a new addition to the Buckland family. No problems exist to my knowledge as of this day from a litter of seven. Although Jimmy is now blind in both eyes, he still lives with us and loves to play tug of war. He was absolutely one of the best disc dogs I’ve had. His talents now live on in Shiloh and Beamer, two World Champion pups. Thank you Jimmy. I dedicate all my winnings to you…you’re the man!