Frank Buckland's
Amazing Disc Dogs


"We Look Bad" • Copyright © Frank Buckland


Age: 7
Breed: Jack Russell (Terrier)
Owner: Frank Buckland and Josh Buckland
Personality: Hot dog, show off, poser and little stud.


  • Two time NE Regional Champion Micro Division 2006 and 2007
  • Three time qualifier in Skyhoundz Hyperflight World Championship; placing 3rd in 2006, 7th in 2007 and placing 5th in Pairs Freestyle in 2007.

Standing only 12” in total height … 6” ground clearance…he is 13 pounds of pure dy-no-mite. Win or lose pound for pound this little dog will steal the show every time. He loves the lime light having worked on stage with magician JJ Rockett and performing with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange. Filo is a real crowd pleaser. His 2nd love is chasing crickets, bugs – flies and moths – and squirrels.